Creating and Selling Your Story:
An Entrepreneurial Approach to the Business of Science

Have you ever been in a contest or applied for a grant and didn’t win? You knew your ideas and the science were as good as those of the competitors, but the judges clearly did not agree with you. So why do you think you lost? Chances are you were correct – that your ideas and science were great – but you did not take into account telling your “story” – engaging, connecting with and captivating your audience. You may not have delivered a memorable story and the judges selected someone else who did.

One of the fundamental characteristics of successful scientists and entrepreneurs is their ability to communicate their story effectively, understanding that the success of their project lies in their ability to present the strategy, market and value proposition of the project. Through consistent, meaningful, and trust-evoking communication, critical relationships are built that can be central to their growth and success.

This two-day workshop will introduce academic researchers and others to the process of developing a compelling story based on their research or other ideas. Through hypothetical product scenarios, you will learn how to communicate strategically to develop buy-in from potential stakeholders such as corporate partners, investors and grant reviewers. The workshop is designed for both scientists who are just interested in the “how to” of building and selling a compelling story, as well as for those who have already figured out the product/service that they’d like to bring to market.

To simplify the concept of communication tools, we have identified five interrelated, critical documents – the Entrepreneur’s Passport™ – that, when written properly, create consistent messages, memorable stories, and results in business-building relationships. These documents force the scientist and entrepreneur to think strategically about their idea, to define key concepts such as value propositions and milestone driven development and to speak in the “language of business.”

In this workshop, participants will work alone or in groups to identify and explore a business idea, creating a story, learning the basic concepts of value propositions, market driven products and milestone driven development. Through the development of their Entrepreneur’s Passport™ they will learn how to construct an Elevator pitch and Strategic Presentation, and they’ll practice delivering these as memorable stories.

*Course capacity: 24
Fee: $15

*Course capacity has been reached as of 10/23/19. Further applicants will be put on the waitlist.

Date & Time

Friday December 13th, 9 am – 4 pm
Saturday December 14th, 9 am – 4 pm

***Attendance is required at BOTH sessions.***

Course Instructor

Nancy Levy, PhD
Managing Partner, and Biohealth Management, LLC

Nancy Levy is a strategic and tactical business development and marketing consultant, facilitating growth of international companies. Her clients are entrepreneurs and executives and their small to medium size enterprises. She offers in-depth, hands-on consulting to define business and market strategies and their go-to-market implementation. Her firm works closely with clients to create quantifiable and tangible results from innovation. She has a clear understanding of technologies and markets, the economics of development, and strategies to commercialize them. She has had the privilege to be part of the innovation ecosystem in the Boston area, which has afforded her the opportunity to create a deep network of experts. She is hired by companies, boards of directors and governmental organizations to work one-on-one with their entrepreneurs and executives to understand their technologies and advise them on and help implement positioning of their technologies, financing strategies, and commercialization pathways. In addition to individual companies that have hired her she has been involved with many projects where institutions such as government agencies have hired her to work with their regional companies to offer strategic positioning, business development including partnering and financing, and to introduce them to experts that can help them build their companies. To address this need, she launched, which offers hosting at the Cambridge Innovation Center and similar to Biohealth Management, strategic and tactical support for international technology, life science, and cleantech companies.

She is on the board of advisers for Uninvestes, a venture capital company in Madrid, Spain and is a member of the Newton-Wellesley Hospital Board of overseers. She is a mentor at the Venture Mentor Service at MIT, Fast Runners program with the Canadian Consulate, the Platform Program from Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center and the MIT Poland Business plan prize and was selected as a judge for Other honors include: featured entrepreneur in the Wall Street Journal, Closing the Gender Gap. She is an invited speaker at numerous international conferences on entrepreneurs, innovation and the Boston ecosystem.  She is an adjunct professor at the Boston University School of Management and was on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, where she also did her fellowship. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.