Entry to Biotech Industry Careers Bootcamp

This 3-part workshop is designed to provide PhD students and postdocs with the knowledge and skills to launch a successful job search for positions in industry research.

Course capacity: 60
Fee: $10

Date & Time

Thursday, May 2nd, 3 – 8 pm

Course Components

Job Hunting for Industry Research Positions:  How to apply for jobs and get interviews
You will first learn about the many types of entry-level positions in industry and a discussion of transitional experiences will help you learn how to be competitive for those positions.  Then, you will learn how to prepare resumes and cover letters that will get you noticed during your search for research jobs in industry. You will learn how to reach out to industry scientists who can connect you with job opportunities, and who can push your resume along through the selection process so that you will begin getting interviews.

Succeeding in Interviews for Industry Research Positions
After attending this workshop segment, you will leave with a set of frameworks that will help you respond effectively to the most common questions asked of PhD’s when they interview for their first job in industry.  You will improve your ability to respond to opening and closing interview scenarios, as well as tough and awkward interview questions.  Finally, we will discuss tips for tailoring your job talk to an industry setting.

Compensation Negotiation for Industry Research Positions
Know how to answer these common questions that everyone has, when they are getting their first industry job offer.

  • What do I say when the employer asks me about my salary requirements before the job offer (during the interview)?
  • What do I say when the employer asks me about salary during the job offer discussion?
  • What kinds of benefits and compensation components will I see in my industry job offer letter?
  • Which job offer components are negotiable and which ones should I not try to negotiate?

Most importantly, how do I ask for more graciously, so that I get what I need while maintaining a positive relationship with my future employer?

Course Instructor

Bill Lindstaedt, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Career Advancement, International and Postdoctoral Services, University of California, San Francisco

Bill Lindstaedt has been helping scientists and engineers advance in their careers for more than twenty-five years.  Since 2001, he has served in various administrative roles at UCSF while maintaining an active career advising practice that focuses exclusively on the career development needs of PhD-level students and postdocs in the biomedical sciences.   He has developed particular expertise in working with trainees who are searching for jobs in industry settings.  Bill is a co-author of “myIDP”, a popular career development tool hosted by Science magazine’s careers site. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and a Master’s degree from the joint Counseling Psychology and Higher Education programs at Indiana University.

What I learned in this course will help me submit a competitive application when I’m applying to jobs and will help me navigate the whole interview process.

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