Project Management Fundamentals

In this class, students with advanced scientific degrees will learn the fundamentals of project management in the healthcare business environment. In business, scientists work on projects of their own and often represent their functional area as core team members on larger project teams. This two day workshop series helps to develop the skills to lead small projects and provides a backdrop for working as a core team member on larger projects. It covers foundational terms and processes as well as the tools and practices involved with bringing more predictability to delivering projects.

Course capacity: 20
Course fee: $10

Dates & Times

Friday, September 13th, 9 am – 4 pm
Understanding the language and concepts generally used in project management is the first success factor in collaborating on projects. The key phases of the project framework will be shared which includes: Initiate, plan, execute, monitor & control, and close projects. Students will learn the key elements of project management based on industry standards. The class will learn and apply the steps to initiate and plan individual projects.

Saturday, September 14th, 9 am – 4 pm

The ability to work with project stakeholders as the project plan is built is another key to success. Students will receive tips to working with stakeholders as they apply the tools and practices around risk and issue management. This includes a review on how to facilitate meetings to identify and mitigate project risks. Elements of project leadership will be addressed as we move into executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing the project.


Dee G Suberla, DG Suberla Consulting, LLC and President of Project Management in Life Science

Dee Suberla is the founder and president of Project Management in Life Science (PMInLS), a membership organization for project managers working in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry. After 30+ years of working in the industry and holding positions in R&D, Manufacturing & Marketing, Dee became a consultant and the author of “Poof You’re a Project Manager and Other Delusions of Grandeur. She is an expert in project management and has a passion for helping PMs achieve their highest success through mentoring and coaching. She has a BA from Columbia College and an MBA from Webster University.