Experience: Externships


A key goal of the myCHOICE E3: Experience phase is to provide real-world practical experience in a specific career field beyond academic research. Externships, defined as “job shadowing opportunities of a short duration (1 – 5 days),” are designed to allow trainees to visit, observe, and in some cases, participate in, a particular career area. They are an accessible way for grad students and postdocs to grow professionally while developing valuable connections within our community of alumni and friends.

In Summer 2017, myCHOICE partnered with UChicagoGRAD’s Global Impact program to connect myCHOICE Trainees with a broad variety of externship opportunities.

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Requirements & Expectations of myCHOICE Externs

  • Become a myCHOICE Trainee by submitting the Trainee Application.

  • Complete the myCHOICE Externship Application.

  • Upon completion of the externship, reflect on your experience in a <500 word reflection statement.

  • NOTE: While explicit approval from your PI is not required to participate in these short-duration externships, myCHOICE strongly encourages you to discuss this opportunity and your broader career goals with your PI. Participation in an externship should in no way interfere with your research obligations.