Experience: Internships

A key goal of the myCHOICE Experience programming is to provide real-world, practical experience in a specific career field. Internships, defined as “hands-on opportunities of limited duration (weeks to months),” are an important component of this training experience. myCHOICE is teaming with on- and off-campus partners to provide a diverse array of internships that will be announced as they become available. All myCHOICE internships are unpaid and part-time (10 hours per week), lasting approximately 10 weeks.

95% of myCHOICE interns report that the internship influenced their career trajectory.

Winter Quarter 2020 Internships

Application Deadline: The application for Winter Quarter internships is now closed.

Requirements & Expectations of Part-Time Interns

  • You must register as a myCHOICE Trainee by completing the Trainee Application. This is in addition to the Internship Application.
  • You will commit approximately 10 hours per week for one or more academic quarters.
  • You must obtain permission from your PI; students are also strongly encouraged to discuss these plans with their thesis committees.
  • You are encouraged to consult with one of the myCHOICE Navigators (Mike Tessel or Briana Konnick) prior to applying for the internship. Appointments can be made HERE. These consulting appointments are restricted to University of Chicago graduate students and postdocs.
  • Upon selection for an internship, you will collaborate with the Internship Host to complete an Internship Learning Agreement.
  • Graduate students earn course credit by registering for a myCHOICE internship course (50 units of credit). Postdoctoral trainees are awarded a formal certificate upon internship completion.
  • All internships are unpaid, volunteer experiences intended to increase your awareness of a specific field or profession.
  • If you are not affiliated with the University of Chicago, you are welcome to apply for an internship but unfortunately are not eligible to consult with a myCHOICE Navigator or register for course credit.

Participating in an internship will help you to stand out from the crowd of other job applicants.

Past myCHOICE Internships

These internships are not being offered at this time