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Driehaus Capital Management, LLC


Alex Munns, Assistant Portfolio Manager

Company Overview

Driehaus Capital Management LLC is an independent investment advisor with more than $8 billion in assets under management. We manage multiple investment strategies broadly organized according to geography and/or investment instrument (e.g. equities and fixed income). Within the life sciences we invest in public and private companies, focusing on preclinical/clinical stage biotech companies and early growth stage medical device companies. Our investment process for the life sciences is built on identifying products and approaches with a high probability of getting to market, the potential to have dominant market share, and the ability to defend that dominant market position.

Internship Description

The goal of this internship is to show you who we are and what we’re about and for you to show us who you are and what you’re about. Exact parameters and deliverables will be defined by mutual agreement. Broadly speaking, the internship will entail the following:

  • 1-2 discrete project(s) with relevant, mutually-agreed upon written deliverables
    • Project will include an objective, timelines (with interim and final deliverables), proposal for required resources, and written output
    • Topics may include but are not limited to idea generation, company or biologic diligence, competitive benchmarking, and/or organizational development
    • Intern will be responsible for creating project outline(s) at internship onset with input and guidance from mentor
  • ~10 hours / week on-site at our offices in River North (ideally a single full day from 7am)
    • Time will be split between executing the investment process, participating in management meetings, interacting with portfolio manager(s), and working on project deliverables.


We seek a Life Sciences Intern to join our life sciences team within our domestic equities strategies. We’re looking for a person who loves investing in (or the idea of investing in) life science companies. Our ideal candidate is a mix of the following:

  • A Renaissance Woman or Man, with demonstrated talents and interests across multiple domains (including but not limited to life sciences)
  • A Reductionist, able to deconstruct complex information into fundamental constituents to guide investment recommendations
  • An Open-Minded Critical Thinker, able to at once hold strong opinions but also completely flip them when countervailing data become available
  • An Entrepreneur, able to solve problems, actively manage competing priorities, and do what it takes to push the strategy forward
  • A Team Player, capable of carrying the team when it’s called for but also willing to carry water for the team when it’s called for


If this internship sounds interesting to you, please send us your resume and responses to the following questions (below). Please note that resumes without responses the following questions will not be considered.

  • Please tell us why you fit what we’re looking for
  • Briefly, what are three things you would look at in determining whether/not you thought a clinical trial would succeed or fail?
  • Please tell us about the last time you learned something new that was hard.
  • (optional) Please write a haiku about biotech, investing or both

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