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Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Alan Koncarevic, PhD, Director, Industry Relations; Head, Strategic Alliances, Polsky Center


The Polsky Center works closely with researchers, entrepreneurs, companies, and investors to advance UChicago research, helping to get it out into the market for the benefit of society. The Polsky Center Industry Relations team develops large strategic partnerships with companies to create mutually beneficial relationships dedicated to advancing development of therapeutics and technologies with transformational potential.

Internship Description

This internship is designed to introduce PhD candidates and postdoctoral scholars to a diligence process which requires data gathering and critical evaluation of company technical, financial, and strategy information. The initial task will be to do deep-dive assessments on a list of primary company partnering prospects. The companies will primarily span life sciences, computation, and energy sectors. The analyst would follow public leads to compile a dossier on each company in order that we may determine its relative suitability as a partnering target. The intern would not be limited to using sources known to us, but would be encouraged to develop sources of their own as well. The intern will be required to present their findings each week, and will have opportunity to engage with the mentors on a daily basis. There would be room to grow in the job, to the point where a capable individual could become an operating team member, making recommendations and participating on corporate engagements. Also, the duration of the assignment may be extended to accommodate the intern’s growth in the job and the needs of the group.

Specific Objectives

The primary company partner assessment parameters will be:

  • Capacity: Does the company have the financial and organizational capacity to enter into a multi-year, financially substantial alliance with UChicago?
  • Strategy: Company has demonstrated or signaled that long-term partnerships are part of its strategic plan
  • Alignment of interests: Company segment interests align with UChicago capabilities and R&D/academic areas of excellence. What is its future vision and is it compelling?



  • Currently graduate student or postdoctoral trainee at the University of Chicago
  • Previous business experience or interest in business
  • Strong work ethic and interest in learning about business development and partnering activities across several industry sectors (primarily life sciences, computation, and energy)
  • Able to commit ~10 hours per week for 6 weeks for independent diligence
  • Able to attend weekly meetings
  • Excellent communication, writing, and time management skills


Relevant Careers & Industries

  • Consulting
  • Venture capital
  • Equity research
  • Research and innovation management
  • Partnering and alliances
  • Business development
  • Industry R&D (pharma/biotech, IT, energy, engineering)

Your application must include a current CV and cover letter describing your interest in the internship and why this experience is relevant to your career goals.

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