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Julia Lane, Associate Director of Strategy and Operations, Arete


Arete is UChicago’s research accelerator. We enable innovative research projects across all fields of research at the University. We also run the Big Ideas Generator (BIG)—a platform to systematically identify, fund, and support the long-term growth of early-stage, breakthrough ideas in basic research.

Our team is composed of members from three campus units: The Office of the Vice President for Research and National Laboratories (OVPRNL), the Office of Alumni Relations and Development (ARD), and the Office of Federal Relations. As a team, our goal is to accelerate research while navigating barriers in the most effective, efficient, and experienced way possible.

Arete Intern(s) will act as project coordinators, performing due diligence, background research, and coordination on projects led by faculty affiliated with the University, as well as Argonne National Laboratory, Fermilab, and the Marine Biological Lab.

Internship Description

The intern(s) will be active participants on Arete projects, providing resources and expertise where needed, preparing projects for funding consideration, aiding in the establishment of milestones, and coordinating workshops and conferences, editing documents, preparing summaries, and conducting a variety of due diligence and data analyses. The intern(s) are expected to make significant contributions to Arete projects while they gain a broad overview of research development and strategy.

The Intern(s) will:

  • Receive robust training on conducting competitive analyses, developing a research business plan, and identifying federal and foundation funding opportunities to prepare them to assist with Arete projects.

  • Receive intensive project management coaching from an Arete research strategist.

  • Implement core components of a new research initiative which may include launching a website, facilitation of research workshops and conferences, helping to produce white papers and summary reports, developing competitive analyses of programs at peer institutions, and helping to develop a strategic funding strategy.


The intern(s) must possess basic writing and research skills, be open to receiving constructive feedback on writing and other assignments, be well-versed in Microsoft Office, and be willing to learn new skills. Data analysis skills are desired but not required.

Your application must include a current CV and a cover letter describing why this internship is relevant to your career goals.

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