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SmartHealth Catalyzer

Background & Internship Description

SmartHealth Catalyzer creates new ventures based on life sciences research at Midwest universities. We bring together talented and enthusiastic PhD and MBA students to work as an integral part of SmartHealth’s investment diligence process.

We are seeking students who take initiative on new projects and who have a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship and in science. The internship will give students the opportunity to learn about the creation of biotech startups and to work with entrepreneurs and investors.

Interns will work in teams of 3 to provide the initial assessment of the potential for multiple new technologies from leading Midwest research universities. This will involve reviewing technology summaries, Google and academic literature searching, and synthesizing information into a structured format to provide each technology with a score in a range of categories. The team will interact (virtually) at least weekly with SmartHealth’s VP of Discovery and Partnerships.

Work Expectations

Work will be primarily computer focused with phone calls or video chats with the team member(s) as needed. It will also entail one weekly video check-in as a larger team for up to 90 minutes. Total time commitment expected to be 8 to 10 hours per week. Aside from team meetings, work can be done at any convenient time.

This is a one quarter (10 week) commitment. However, the opportunity may exist to extend for a 2nd quarter to assist in training incoming interns if mutually agreeable between SmartHealth and the intern.

Learning Opportunity

This internship is a great way to explore your interest in working with science investors focused at the earliest stages as well as with entrepreneurs. The internship will afford students the experience of systematically evaluating science discoveries for the potential to build a startup. It will also provide significant opportunity for science and business school students to learn from each other.

For PhD students working in a lab with more translational or applied research, the internship will help refine your intuition for which of your projects may have more commercial potential.

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