Experience: Mentor Groups


Mentor Groups consist of 2 senior-level professionals from a single field of interest and 4 peer trainees who are seriously considering a career in this field. The goal of the group structure is to create peer-to-mentor and peer-to-peer conversations that benefit both the individual and the other group members. Groups will meet 4 times during the academic quarter for mentored conversations and professional development activities. These sessions are largely driven by the co-mentors who will introduce topics that they feel are relevant to the career-exploration process, including sharing and revision of job application materials, advice, social support, and career coaching. In addition to the professional development aspect of the Mentor Group, it is also an invaluable opportunity to network with local professionals in your field of interest.

Requirements & Expectations of Participants in Mentor Groups

  • Become a myCHOICE Trainee by submitting the myCHOICE Trainee Application.

  • Complete the myCHOICE Mentor Group Application.

  • Upon completion of the Mentor Group engagement, reflect on your experience in a short statement (< 1000 words).

Application is not open at this time.