myCHOICE Mentor Network FAQs


Complete this form. Select which types of engagement fit your bill and we’ll contact you in upcoming months to discuss next steps.

What does it mean to join the Mentor Network?

Broadly, it identifies you as someone who is interested in engaging with myCHOICE in some way. While we hope that most of you will submit a profile for sharing with our trainees, you can join the network with the sole intention of being on our radar for future events.

Once I submit my information, who will be able to view my Mentor Network profile?

myCHOICE employs a registration process for anyone who wants to participate in programming beyond our weekly seminar series; once they have submitted the registration form, they become an official “myCHOICE Trainee”.  Access to the Mentor Network database will be limited to those individuals, will be password-protected, and will only be granted upon request.

What type of information will be visible in my Mentor Network profile?

We request that you submit a basic bio (2 – 3 paragraphs at most) and a photo. Your bio could take any form that you’d like; considering the audience and the intention, it would probably work well to skew it towards casual and relational. On the back end, I will keep your contact information separately and will only provide it to trainees with your permission.

Will myCHOICE Trainees just contact me out of the blue?

Definitely not. Once the eligible individual requests your contact info, I will touch base with you to determine whether you have the bandwidth for the interaction at that time. If you say yes, I will provide a digital introduction. On the other hand, if you’re not concerned about the gating of contact and are ok with trainees reaching out to you directly, I can just give them your contact info when they request it. You get to choose.

What happens after an informational interview with a Trainee?

That’s totally up to you. It could range from no further contact, or perhaps you’ll exchange additional emails that could lead to an externship or perhaps even a part-time internship. We will provide you (and the trainee) with a “Suggestions for Next Steps” document to help navigate those early conversations.

Can I opt out of the Mentor Network database but still be involved in myCHOICE?

Of course! Let’s chat by phone or email to discuss other options.

How much time will be involved?

Only as much time as you would like to dedicate. You could limit your engagement to a couple of informational interviews (via phone, Skype, or in person), start planning for a two- or three-day job shadowing externship, volunteer to host a 10/hrs per week intern…you name it.

Will it cost me any money?

Nope. If travel costs become involved (for example, inviting someone to your location for an externship), myCHOICE will cover them.

What is an externship?

An externship is a flexible job-shadowing opportunity constructed to offer advanced degree scholars on-site experiences in the professional world. An externship could last anywhere from 1 – 5 days and is scheduled to fit your calendar. Let’s discuss further!