Experience: Professional Development Treks

A key goal of a myCHOICE Experience is to provide real-world practical experience in a specific career field beyond academic research. The trek format allows trainees to travel with a cohort of trainees with similar interests to a hand-picked selection of companies and/or organizations within a single field. The trek is ideal for individuals who have largely decided on a specific career trajectory and are building their professional network towards that outcome.

Requirements & Expectations of all myCHOICE Trek participants

  • In addition to the trek-specific application (found through the links below), become a myCHOICE Trainee by submitting the myCHOICE Trainee Application.
  • In order to participate in a long-distance trek, you must be a graduate student or postdoctoral trainee in the UChicago Biological Sciences Division. Local treks are open to all community members.
  • Upon completion of the trek, reflect on your experience and next steps in a short statement (< 500 words).
  • myCHOICE will cover the airfare and hotel accommodations related to the trip. The trainee is responsible for daily transportation, meals, and any other expenses.


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