Professional Development Treks

A key goal of a myCHOICE Experience is to provide real-world practical experience in a specific career field beyond academic research. The Trek format allows trainees to travel with a cohort of trainees with similar interests to a hand-picked selection of companies and/or organizations within a single field. The Trek is ideal for individuals who have largely decided on a specific career trajectory and are building their professional network towards that outcome..

Upcoming Trek: Data Engineering Trek (Bay Area, July 10 – 13, 2022)


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What trainees are saying about Treks

Attending the myChoice Computational Biology trek (2019) was an amazing experience because it allowed me to get exposure to a wide range of interesting companies in the SF Bay Area. Through this experience I was motivated to steer my job search to look specifically for smaller companies with a genomics platform. Afterwards I was lucky enough to have the hiring manager from one of my favorite companies reach out so I could interview for a position, and I got the job! It was nice because I had a chance to talk with people from that company extensively during one of the dinner networking events, which contributed to the interview offer. Overall I would highly recommend this trek to future students! Thank you MyChoice!

Amelia Joslin, Ph.D.

Scientist, Maze

The Biopharma Trek (Boston 2017) exposed me to a variety of company sizes and cultures. Through this experience, I learned I wanted to work at a smaller biotech company and have recently taken a Scientist position in the Bay Area after finishing my postdoc at UChicago.
John Leonard, Ph.D.

Scientist, 3T Biosciences