Data Science & Computational Biology Trek to the
San Francisco Bay Area

November 5-8, 2017

myCHOICE is delighted to collaborate with UChicagoGRAD in offering our fourth professional development trek!

Why should you participate in this trek?

  • Learn about data science and computational biology careers at various pharma, biotech, and tech companies in the Bay Area
  • Network with UChicago alumni who are working in data science and computational biology
  • Discover job opportunities and life in the Bay Area

Requirements & Expectations of myCHOICE Trek participants:

  • All applicants must be a trainee in the UChicago Biological Sciences Division or have graduated or ended their postdoctoral training in the BSD within the past two years.
  • Become a myCHOICE Trainee by submitting the myCHOICE Trainee Application.
  • Complete the myCHOICE Trek application.
  • Upon completion of the trek, reflect on your experience in a short statement (< 500 words).
  • myCHOICE will cover the airfare and hotel accommodations related to the trip. The trainee is responsible for daily transportation, meals, and any other expenses.

To apply for this opportunity:

By September 19, 2017, submit a resume, personal statement, and cover letters for currently open positions at two of the companies (listed below). The cover letters will not be submitted to the companies and will be used for the purpose of the trek application only.

Before submitting the application, you are strongly encouraged to get feedback on your cover letters by scheduling an advising appointment with a member of the UChicagoGRAD team– either Briana Konnick, PhD or Mike Tessel, PhD.

Only 6 trainees will be selected and the application process will be competitive.

The list of potential site visits includes: AncestryDNA, Medallia, 23andMe, Genentech, Illumina, GenomicHealth, Verily Life Sciences, Insight Data Science, SlipChip, and TalkIQ.