Emotional Intelligence: How EQ Trumps IQ

Why are the smartest people in the room sometimes the hardest to work with?  Often the answer is low emotional intelligence.  Those with low emotional intelligence demonstrate poor self-awareness and unpolished relationship management. This workshop reveals the positive impact of high EQ and explores the specifics of 26 different competencies. Participants will complete online assessments and receive detailed personal reports with customized recommendations

Date: Friday November 13th, 1 – 4 pm
Course capacity:
Course fee: $10

Workshop Instructor

Lawrence Hedblom

Lawrence Hedblom

Managing Director, Springboard Unlimited LLC

Lawrence Hedblom is a certified professional executive coach and the founder of Springboard Unlimited, a dynamic consulting firm that provides leadership development programs and career coaching. He is a frequent speaker on communications and leadership, the power of emotional intelligence, and the coach approach to management. Based in Chicago, he helps leaders successfully transition to roles with more responsibility, whether it’s preparing aspiring high potentials or offering guidance to those who have already made a change.  He is a great believer that superior communication is crucial to being effective.

Lawrence holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation, the governing body of coaching.  He graduated cum laude from Duke University with a major in public policy, concentrating in communications. An active volunteer in the community, he lives in Chicago with his wife, an orange cat, and a black Labrador.

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