Experience: myCHOICE Trainee Leadership Board

Want to get involved in the myCHOICE endeavor?

Do you have some great ideas for programming or have a penchant for event planning?

Join the Trainee Leadership Board and gain experience in leadership, communication, and project management!

We are looking for current graduate student and postdoctoral trainees to form the myCHOICE Trainee Leadership Board (mTLB). Our goal is to involve trainees from multiple STEM Divisions (BSD, PSD, IME, and others) to increase the diversity and relevance of our programming to all members of the STEM trainee community. mTLB will generate novel programming suggestions to be funded by myCHOICE and its members will take leadership roles in planning and executing these suggestions. In doing so, mTLB members will help myCHOICE to continue to align with the ever-evolving needs of its constituents.

The Board will:

  • Access existing offerings and provide suggestions for ways to optimize various elements of the program.
  • Suggest innovative new approaches for programs and initiatives that complement existing framework and fit with the myCHOICE mission.
  • Present proposals directly to myCHOICE leadership. Drs. Mike Tessel and Briana Konnick (the myCHOICE Program Navigators and UChicagoGRAD liaisons) will advise the Committee.

To apply to be a member of the myCHOICE Trainee Leadership Board, please submit a resume (max 2 pages) and short cover letter describing your interest in joining the committee and types of programming that you would like to develop. Send your application materials directly to Abby Stayart, Program Director.

We look forward to you joining our extended group of colleagues!