Overview of PhD Career Fields


The myCHOICE program covers a spectrum of careers that are suitable for PhD-trained scientists. These targeted areas derive from myIDP (my Individual Development Plan) and have been grouped into 10 Exposure Areas. Click on each Exposure Area below for more information and examples of alumni/mentors working in that area.


The national conversation around career outcomes is actively developing, as evidenced by an influx of publications on the topic and federally-funded initiatives to urge institutions to share their alumni career outcomes publicly. But, why is this an important conversation? Because the majority of PhD-trained individuals are choosing non-academic careers.

Take a look at this interesting figure developed by Jessica Polka for the American Society for Cell Biology and its Committee for Postdocs and Students. The figure reflects data collected by the NIH in the 2012 NIH Workforce Report which directly called for funding mechanisms to support the development of career development program. This led to the Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training grant, the funding of a Consortium of 17 schools, and myCHOICE. Thanks NIH!