The goal of the myCHOICE program is to expose, educate, and provide University of Chicago trainees with career options and experiences that leverage their strong research training.


The program covers 10 broad Exposure Areas related to the myIDP (my Individual Development Plan) categories. There are three levels planned for the program, each with increasing involvement in career training: Exposure, Education, and Experience. These comprehensively cover careers suited for individuals with a Ph.D. in the biological or health sciences. myCHOICE is supported by a diverse group of mentors (many of whom are University of Chicago alumni). A selection of these mentors are highlighted under our Program Personnel page where you can find more information about their backgrounds, post-Ph.D. trajectories, and current careers.

Our Exposure career seminar series, “What can I do with my Ph.D.?” has been fully implemented and is open to the public. Our Education mini-courses were launched in Spring 2015; new courses are revealed on a quarterly basis. Experience opportunities includes internships, externships, mentor groups, and treks which are currently underway and constantly under development.

Do you have suggestions for new myCHOICE programming? Let us know!