Exposure Seminar Series

What can I do with my PhD?


Wondering what you can do with your PhD? Our seminar series will help you explore the broad variety of career trajectories that may be of interest to PhD-trained scientists. Please visit our calendar for a list of upcoming seminars.

Alumni data collected by the Biological Science Division Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs revealed that at 10 years post-graduation, approximately 30% of our PhD alumni are involved in some form of academic research, while ~70% have pursued careers outside of the traditional academic trajectory.

Upcoming Seminars:

  • What can myCHOICE and UChicagoGRAD do for you?, September 9th
  • From PhD to Policy: Think Tank Careers for PhD Scientists, October 14th
  • Entrepreneurship 101 for UChicago STEM PhDs and Postdocs, October 28th
  • Ins and Outs of Postdoctoral Positions in National Labs, November 11th
  • Crafting Clarity: Exploring Careers in Medical Writing and Communication, December 2nd

Our Primary Career Themes

The Exposure seminar series is designed to highlight 10 career Exposure Areas and offer insight into career trajectories within each area. Our exposure areas and examples of careers are listed below. Click on any exposure area to learn more and view past seminars:


myCHOICE brought a lot of careers tracks to my attention in the form of seminars, some of which I had never considered. In addition, myCHOICE is a great time to network with professionals that often have insights about their experience in their field that helped me to narrow down and assess what characteristics are important and applicable to my decision making.

-Catherine Igartua, PhD ’16 Human Genetics.

Director of Computational Biology, Tempus, Inc.