Healthcare and Medicine

In the realms of medicine and healthcare, Ph.D. scientists work in or direct a wide range of clinical assay laboratories (doing genetics/genomics evaluations, biochemical or hormone assays, immunological marker quantification, etc).  There are opportunities to develop and manufacture cell-based treatments (some stem-cell based) in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, and to evaluate outcomes and quality of healthcare delivery. Scientists with administration training can assume management positions in hospitals and healthcare systems, while others with interest in patient interaction can have roles that build on their Ph.D. training in fields such as neurophysiology, biomechanics, radiation therapy, pharmacology, or transfusion medicine. As the Learning HealthCare System becomes a reality, integration of research endeavors into routine care delivery will generate new opportunities for translational biomedical researchers to partner with clinicians in designing and executing research protocols built into the delivery of health care.

  • An In-Depth Look at Coordinating and Regulating Clinical Trials (Winter 2019)


Examples of institutions where you could work in this field:

Clinical Trials Facilities
Contract Research Organizations
Hospitals and Medical Centers

Examples of job titles that you might find at those institutions:

Clinical Trials Manager
Medical Laboratory Scientist

Professional societies that are relevant to this career category:

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
Association for Molecular Pathology
Association of Clinical Research Professionals
Society of Clinical Research Associates.

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Alumni in Healthcare & Medicine

Tim Best

PhD Cancer Biology 2012
Consultant, Sg^2

What did you do as a trainee to prepare for your current career?
I focused on big data, worked in a multidisciplinary team, and networked, networked, networked.

What are the typical things your job entails each day?
I work with hospitals and health systems to analyze their data, understand their market position, and help them develop a sustainable growth strategy.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
I am on the leading edge of changing the the way we deliver healthcare in the U.S.