Effective Communication & Conflict Management

How do you manage conflict in a way that strengthens morale and improves relationships with your colleagues and superiors? By taking this workshop, you will gain skills to manage internal responses to conflict, discuss how communication can lead to conflict, and what the impact of unresolved conflict can be on relationship.

This workshop will focus on a customized paradigm scenario tailored to the typical disputes seen within the workplace, especially those encountered by graduate students and postdocs in the sciences. This workshop is highly interactive, giving participants a chance to practice and engage with skills and scenarios. Participants are also given tools to plan and prepare to have a difficult conversation. This section focuses on strategies to manage internal responses to conflictual dialogue, preparing language and approaches to frame and carry out the conversation in a productive matter, and approaches to de-escalate when necessary.

Dates: Aug 10 (9 am – Noon) & Aug 12 (9 – 11 am)
Course Capacity: 24
Course Fee: $10


Workshop Instructor

Center for Conflict Resolution A mission to work with individuals, communities, courts and other institutions to manage and resolve conflict. Since 1979, CCR has accomplished this mission by offering pro bono mediation services and conflict management training to Chicago area institutions, organizations and businesses. 

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