myCHOICE Mentor Database & Network FAQs

What is the Mentor Database?

The Mentor Database includes our collaborators, alumni, and friends who would like to be involved with myCHOICE in any capacity. Joining the Mentor Database is a great way to keep you on our radar for any future programming. From participating as a seminar panelist to hosting an internship, you can choose how you want to engage with our program and trainees.

How do I sign up for the Mentor Database?

SIGN UP HERE with your current contact information and indicate the ways in which you'd like to participate in the program. That's it! We will reach out to you when we have an opportunity that fits your profile.
This is what the form will look like:

What does "List me in the online trainee-facing Mentor Network" mean?

The Network is an online platform that provides mentors with a variety of ways to interface directly with trainees via a profile visible to the myCHOICE community. The screenshot below is an example of how your profile will appear to trainees who are browsing the Network. 

How do I join the online trainee-facing Mentor Network?

In the form that you'll complete to join our Mentor Database, you'll indicate how you'd like to engage in myCHOICE. If you want to join the Network, make sure that you check the box that says "List me in the online trainee-facing Mentor Network." After completing the Database sign up, you will be directed to a page (shown below) where you'll sign up for the Network with either an email address or directly through your LinkedIn profile (which we highly advise because it's so simple!). The online Network is hosted by UChicagoWisr, a student and alumni network for the University of Chicago.

How will I engage with trainees on the online Network?

Your profile will include three contact options (see the yellow box in the screenshot below). Trainees may choose to send you a message, ask the myCHOICE staff for a direct introduction, or request an informational interview by phone. No matter the request, you will receive an email notification and can choose to accept or decline before proceeding. 

When you generate your profile, you can specify the topics that you feel comfortable discussing with trainees (see the yellow box in the screenshot below); this information will be displayed to trainees.

Does checking any box on the survey automatically commit me to do it?

Nope! The sole intention of the survey is to keep you on our radar so that we can contact you for future events or opportunities that might interest you. We'll give you a call when and if that opportunity arises and we can take it from there.

If you choose to join the online Network, you'll always be able to choose to accept or decline any kind of trainee request. The time commitment is entirely up to you!

Can I opt out of the Mentor Network but still be involved in myCHOICE?

Of course! Let’s chat by phone or email to discuss other options.

Will being on the Network or participating in any other event cost me any money?

Nope. If travel costs become involved (for example, inviting someone to your location for an externship), myCHOICE will cover them.

One of the survey options I can choose is hosting an externship. What is an externship?

An externship is a flexible job-shadowing opportunity constructed to offer advanced degree scholars on-site experiences in the professional world. An externship could last anywhere from 1 – 5 days and is scheduled to fit your calendar. Let’s discuss further!